The Botanic Utopia

Botanic Utopia is a world that challenges existing systems by prioritizing nature over humanity. Inspired by animism and Taoism, it rejects human-centered designs and establishes systems based on nature's principles.

Time is measured through nature's rhythms, communication is redefined with a botanic perspective, and measurements are plant-centric. Society operates without hierarchies, and resources serve as the universal currency. Identities transcend human-made categories.

Project partner with Natcha Pakdeekitcharoen
Instructed by Pouya Ahmadi

Object List:
#1 - Botanic Utopia Glossary
#2 - Identity Declaration
#3 - Resources are the Currency
#4 - Calendar
#5 - Social Labryinth
#6 - Rulers

*All objects use customized typeface “Arizona Text”, a typeface family designed with reference to the botanic world.

                                   #6 - Rulers