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How Black Fahrenheit Centers BIPOC in the Climate Fight?

How can a multiracial climate movement compete and win against fossil fuel disinfo and mainstream, white-centered climate narratives?

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Putting BIPOC people at the center of the climate story.

Black Fahrenheit is a national brand campaign creating and amplifying BIPOC-centered climate content through a partner network of over 50 movement organizations in 13+ states. Black Fahrenheit is created to inform, inspire and mobilize young BIPOC voters on climate issues. In partnership with the Climate + Clean Energy Equity Fund, Black Fahrenheit is moving forward as part of the ongoing multi-campaign operation securing progressive policies for our people and our planet.

Creating 195+ message-tested graphics, GIFs, memes, videos and other content. The expansive content library introduces a bold new vision of what it means to talk about and take action on climate, especially during an election year.